Credit Card Interest Rate

Credit Card’s come with very high interest rates. According to our calculation, Indian Credit Card companies charge around 41% Interest rate on average on credit card bill payments. 

What is Credit Card Interest Rate?

 Credit Cards come with an 45 to 50 day interest free period. From the day of your credit cycle to the bill dues date, you aren’t charged any interest rate

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Upon this you can pay the bill in full or you can pay a minimum due amount. If you make the full payment you dot have any interest; However, if you make no payment or minimum due amount, you’re charges an interest rate on the remaining amount. 

 The interest rate (APR)  on average in India is about 41%.

Here’s a list of Credit Card Interest Rate for every credit card.

Card CompanyMin APRMax APR
HDFC Bank23.88%41.88%
ICICI Bank23.88%44%
Axis Bank34.49%49.36%
Standard Chartered Bank23.88%41.88%
RBL Bank40.80%42%
Yes Bank14.40%42%
Indusind Bank46%46%
HSBC Bank23.88%39.6%
American Express42%47.88%
Andhra Bank28.30%41.75%
Allahabad Bank30%40.2%
Bajaj SuperCards47.88%47.88%
Bandhan Bank41.88%41.88%
IDBI Bank30%40.8%
Indian Bank19.92%27%
Federal Bank30%40.2%
South Indian Bank30%40.2%
Bank of Baroda31.20%39%
Bank of Maharashtra30%40.2%
Indian Overseas Bank24%24%
Canara Bank30%30%
Corporation Bank27%36%
DCB Bank24%24%
Dhanlaxmi Bank18%36%
Jammu & Kashmir Bank36%36%
Karnataka Bank30%40.2%
Karur Vysya Bank30%40.2%
Lakshmi Vilas Bank30%40.2%
Syndicate Bank24%30%
Union Bank of India15.6%22.8%

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