The Best Credit Card for You

Picking the best credit card is tedious, especially when the best credit card does not exist! Confused? Let me break this to you that since different people have different needs and comparing the needs of any two individuals is foolish, defining the best credit card suitable for everyone is foolish too. There is not any credit card that will meet all the requirements of all the people. However, you can pick a card that best suits your needs by following some simple steps. For this, you will first need to understand your financial structure and your needs and then based upon that you can fish for different credit cards, compare their benefits and drawbacks, and then apply for the one that is most suitable for you.

Step-1: Evaluate Your Financial Structure

You must keep in mind that a credit card can provide you with instant funds to fulfil your rising desires but this is just a temporary benefit as the expense will come back to you in the form of monthly credit card bills. Therefore, you must not go for a credit card that may encourage you to spend beyond your capacities or that offer benefits that may not be useful to you at all. For instance, a credit card that offers mile points and provides access to airport lounges may not benefit you if you are not a regular flier. Therefore, you must evaluate your finances, look at your monthly expenses, check your credit score before you proceed to fish for a credit card.

Step-2: Summarise Your Needs

The next step in the process is to make a list of your needs. Whether you are a frequent traveler or are you a family person and need a credit card for your monthly expenses. Just make a list of all your needs, what you want to use your future card for and how large these expenses could be. Briefly summarise all these pointers.

Step-3: Look for Credit Card and Narrow Down Choices

Now, start looking for credit cards that meet your requirements. Make a list of these cards; compare their offers, benefits, credit limit, fees and charges. Narrow down the cards that you think are the fittest for you. Take into consideration all your expenditures while doing so, whether it is fuelling, grocery shopping, dining or travel requirements.

Step-4: Pick the Card With Highest Overall Value

Now keep both the lists together- your narrowed down credit card choices and summarised expenditures. Scan the both and Pick the card that you think best meets your expenditures within your monthly budget. Look for the value-for-usage. The card offering the highest overall value is the best for you.


As discussed earlier, there is no best card that may satisfy all your expenditures, however, identifying your needs and targeting them while picking a credit card can help to restrict the number of options that are available to you. Comparing the returns, for these limited number of cards, becomes easy and you can simply pick the one offering the highest number of benefits.

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