Personal Loan Top-Up

Top-up loan is an advance amount which you avail on top of your existing personal loan based on existing or increased interest rate and repay it within the monthly instalments of the existing loan, over a course of extended repayment period.

A borrower can avail personal loan top-up only after a period of 12 months from the date of disbursal of existing personal loan and if he/she is maintaining a satisfactory repayment track. However, some lenders allow borrowers to avail additional funds only after 6 months from the disbursal.

Personal Loan Top-Up at a glance
PurposeMedical Emergencies, 
Higher Studies, 
Home Renovation, 
Debt Consolidation, 
Purchase of Costly Consumer Products etc.
Maximum AmountUpto 100% of Existing Loan
Interest Rate10.99% – 24%
Tenure12 to 24 months usually
Lock-in Period12 Months usually

Personal Loan Top-Up Offers

Banks/FIsInterest RatesMax Loan AmountWhen to Apply?
SBI12.15%Rs. 15 LacsAfter 12 months
HDFC Bank11.39% – 20.99%Rs. 50 LacsAfter 12 months
Axis Bank15.50% – 24%Rs. 15 LacsAfter 12 months
ICICI Bank11.25%Rs. 20 LacsAfter 12 months
YES Bank10.75% – 15.90%Rs. 25 CroresAfter 6 months
Citibank12% – 22%Rs. 30 LacsAfter 12 months
Tata Capital11.49% – 19%Rs. 25 LacsAfter 12 months
Kotak10.99% – 24%Rs. 15 LacsAfter 9 months

Advantage of Personal Loan Top-Up

Easy Access to Additional Funds

Availing a top-up loan gives you the easy access to additional funds in need. And, the borrower can utilise the funds for any purpose just like regular personal loan.

Minimal Documentation

Since it is a top-up on existing loan account, the borrower doesn’t need to go through the entire documentation process again. All he/she need to provide is receipts of existing loan EMI repayments and KYC information.

No Guarantor/Security

Since top-up loan is an add-on to the existing loan account, the banks and financial institutions doesn’t ask for any third party guarantee or collateral security.

Increased Tenure

In case of top-up loans, banks and financial institutions tends to increase the tenure of existing loan. Hence, borrower can easily repay his loan without struggling with increased EMI amount or different EMIs.

Disadvantages of Personal Loan Top-Up

Increase in Total Loan Cost

Due to the additional funding, the borrower end up paying more towards the interest amount applicable on personal loan, which eventually increase the total cost of the loan.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must be an existing borrower in the same bank.
  • Applicant must have clean repayment track with no defaults.
  • Applicant must have repaid 12 EMIs (6 EMIs in YES Bank and 9 EMIs in Kotak) before applying for top-up.


  • Receipts of existing loan EMIs.
  • KYC information

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