Credit Cards with Fuel Benefits


Fuel Credit card is a type of reward/cashback credit cards, which offers great returns on reward value against fuel transactions. These credit cards are most beneficial for credit card users who travel a lot by their own vehicle on a daily basis.

Additionally, you may also earn some other benefits like complimentary access to airport lounges, fuel surcharge waiver, cashback and incremental reward points depending upon the credit card.

Benefits of Fuel Credit Cards

Return Better Value on Fuel Purchase

The fuel credit card offered by the banks/FIs usually offers great reward value on purchasing fuel products as compared to non-fuel credit card. The reward benefit can be in the form of incremental reward points or flat cashback amount.

Redemption against Fuel

One of the primary benefit of these credit card is that the cardholder can redeem the reward points/cashback against the fuel at the partner petrol pumps. You can simply choose to redeem the reward points accumulated in your credit card account at the petrol pumps against the fuel product as well as redeem them against gifts from reward catalogue and against credit card bill payment.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Similar to the non-fuel credit cards which comes with added benefit of discounted fuel purchase, the cardholder also receive 1% surcharge waived off if the fuel credit card has been swiped for purchasing fuel products at the respective petrol pumps.

Drawbacks of Fuel Credit Cards

Swipe the Card at Correct EDC Machine

The benefit of reward points as well as the fuel surcharge waiver is only offered to cardholder who swipe the credit card at the EDC machine of the same bank. In case you swipe the credit card at the other banks’ machine then the transaction will be register; However, you won’t be eligible for the benefits. Hence, it is essential to swipe the credit card at the correct EDC machine in order to be eligible for the reward value and benefits.

Check Participating Fuel Retailers

When applying for a fuel credit card, you must check if the reward benefits offered on the card is applicable only if the card is swipe at a partner brand’s petrol pump or at any petrol pump in India. A credit card who offers reward value regardless of which petrol it has been swiped, is the most beneficial as compared to the other scenario.

Fuel Credit Card Offers

HDFC Bharat Cashback Card

The Bharat Cashback credit card is one of two credit cards HDFC has to offer which comes with flat discount on fuel purchase. On swiping the bharat cashback card against fuel purchase at any petrol pump in India, the cardholder earns a flat 5% cashback on the transaction amount. However, it is to be noticed that the maximum cashback a cardholder can earn is limited to Rs. 150 per statement cycle under railway ticket bookings, bill pay and recharges, and fuel purchase combined. Moreover, the high APR of 41.88% is also something that one should consider before applying for this credit card.

HDFC Bharat Card

The bharat credit card is an another fuel credit card offered by hdfc bank. The cardholder receives a flat 5% cashback on fuel purchase. The maximum cashback amount is limited to Rs. 150 under railway ticket bookings, bill pay and recharges, grocery shopping and fuel purchase combined. Additionally, the cardholder saves 1% fuel surcharge waiver on fuel transactions, subject to minimum Rs. 10 each transaction and maximum Rs. 250 per statement cycle where the minimum transaction amount is Rs. 400 or above. Similar to the Bharat Cashback card, this card also comes with high APR of 41.88%.


BPCL SBI Card is the only fuel credit card State Bank of India has to offer. The card comes with a low annual fee of Rs. 499 and high annual interest rate of 40.2%. The cardholder earns bonus reward points worth Rs. 500 on joining and additionally Rs. 250 BookMyShow movie voucher if applied online. The cardholder earns 13 reward points worth Rs. 3.25 on every Rs. 100 spent at BPCL Petrol Pumps for purchasing fuel products. Additionally, a 1% fuel surcharge waiver is also offered if the transaction amount is equal to Rs. 4000 or lower, where the maximum benefits against fuel surcharge is limited to Rs. 100 per statement cycle.

Apart from it, the cardholder earns 5 reward points worth Rs. 1.25 on every Rs. 100 spent on groceries, departmental stores, movies and dining as well as utility bill payments, and reward value worth Rs. 0.25 for every Rs. 100 spent on other retail purchases. However, it is to be considered that the reward benefits is only available if the transaction is made at a BPCL Petrol Pump and card is swiped through SBI EDC machine. Moreover, the redemption against fuel is possible at only selected 1200 BPCL petrol pumps in india and eligible fuel transactions is limited to Rs. 10,000 threshold per month. The card becomes pretty unrewarded if there is no BPCL petrol pump nearby your home/office areas.

ICICI Bank HPCL Coral American Express Card

It is a co-branded fuel credit card offered by icici bank which comes with low annual fee of Rs. 199 and annual interest rate equal to 40.8%. The cardholder earns reward value worth Rs. 1.5 on every Rs. 100 spent on fuel purchase at HPCL Petrol pumps and Rs. 0.50 on other retail purchases. Moreover, you earn 2.5% cashback on fuel purchases at HPCL petrol pumps, subject to maximum Rs. 100 per month where minimum transaction amount is Rs. 500. Additionally, you save 1% on fuel surcharge where the maximum amount of the fuel transaction is not above Rs. 4,000, at HPCL petrol pumps.

Apart from it, you get complimentary access to American Express airport lounges along with Rs. 100 discount on movie ticket purchase through BookMyShow twice a month and minimum 15% discount at partner restaurants on dining bills. If you live/work nearby an HPCL Petrol pump where American Express EDC machine is available, then this card can be a great deal for you.

ICICI Bank HPCL Coral Card

This fuel credit card is offered by ICICI Bank in cooperation with HPCL. This credit card have the exact same annual fee and interest rate as ICICI Bank HPCL Coral American Express card. However, the reward value offered against the fuel expenses is slightly lower. The cardholder doesn’t earn any reward points against fuel transactions and only reward value of Rs. 0.50 is offered against non-fuel expenses made on the card. However, the eligibility criteria for cashback of 2.5% and 1% fuel surcharge waiver is same.

Moreover, you earn movie benefits worth upto Rs. 200 along with minimum 15% savings on dining bills at partner restaurants.


It is an another fuel credit card offered by ICICI Bank and comes at an annual cost of Rs. 199. The cardholder earns 2 PAYBACK Points worth Rs. 0.50 on every Rs. 100 spent on non-fuel transactions where there’s no provision of reward points on fuel transactions made on the card. However, the cardholder earn a 2.5% cashback as well as save 1% on fuel surcharge, on every Rs. 100 spent on the fuel purchases at HPCL Petrol pumps. The minimum transaction amount for cashback should not be less than Rs. 500 whereas the maximum transaction amount for fuel surcharge waiver should not be above Rs. 4,000.

Apart from it, one should consider the high APR of 40.8% and reward benefits availability only at HPCL petrol pumps before applying for this card.

IndianOil CITI Credit Cards

Citibank offers two fuel credit card in cooperation with Indian Oil – IndianOil CITI Platinum Credit Card and IndianOil CITI Titanium Credit Card. Both the cards come with annual fee of Rs. 1,000 which can be waived off by spending Rs. 2,500 each month on the card. You earn 4 turbo points on every Rs. 150 spent for purchasing fuel products at any Indian Oil petrol pump in India, subject to the maximum transaction amount of Rs. 10,000 or 267 turbo point per transaction. Additionally, you earn 2 Turbo points on every Rs. 150 spent on transactions made at grocery stores and supermarkets subject to maximum expense of Rs. 5000 or 67 turbo points per month, and 1 Turbo point elsewhere.

Apart from it, you save 1% on fuel surcharge on fuel purchase at Indian Oil outlets and maximum 15% on dining bills at partner restaurants. Each turbo points earn you Rs. 1 fuel at Indian Oil outlets on redemption and worth Rs. 0.25 to Rs. 0.35 if redeemed by other redemption options like Shopping, Online travel, Credit Card Bills. These reward points comes with no expiry date. However, the applicable interest rate of 39% per annum is higher than what is being offered on Citibank cashback credit card.

Standard Chartered Bank Super Value Titanium Card

This credit card comes with an annual fee of Rs. 750, and with zero annual fee if you are a Premium Banking Customer. The card offers flat 5% cashback on a minimum fuel transaction of Rs. 750. You can earn a maximum of Rs. 100 cashback per transaction, subject to maximum benefit of Rs. 200 per month. Apart from it, you earn 5% cashback on telephone as well as utility bill payment of minimum Rs. 750. Similar to the cashback on fuel, the maximum cashback on telephone bill payment is Rs. 200 per month and Rs. 100 per transaction whereas the maximum benefit against utility bill payment is Rs.100 per month.

Moreover, you earn 1 reward points on every Rs. 150 spent on other transactions. Additionally, you earn 5 reward points on international transactions and get 1 complimentary access to priority pass lounge each month, if you are a Premium Banking Customer. Although, the card comes with a high APR of 41.88% and available in select cities.

Standard Chartered Bank Manhattan Platinum Card

This credit card comes with an annual fee of Rs. 999 and APR of 41.88%. You earn 5% cashback on all of your purchases at Supermarkets and Departmental stores like More, Reliance Fresh, Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar etc., and earn 3 reward points on every Rs. 150 spent on all other transactions including fuel. However, the maximum cashback under shopping at Supermarket and Departmental stores is limited to Rs. 500 per month including supplementary cards. Although, the card is available in select Indian cities only.

HSBC Smart Value Card

The smart value credit card is the only hsbc credit card which offers reward benefits on fuel purchases. The cardholder earns reward value worth Rs. 0.75 against dining expenses, telecom, and online shopping, and Rs. 0.25 against all other expenses including fuel transactions which are not covered under fuel surcharge waiver benefit. The credit card comes free of cost for the first year and you just have to pay a low annual fee of Rs. 499 to carry the card for next card membership year. Moreover, you save 1% surcharge on fuel transactions between Rs. 400 to Rs. 4,000, and Rs. 1200 annually on movies.

Apart from these benefits, you also get upto 15% discount on dining bills and 10% discount at Shoppers Stop and Home Stop stores. Additionally, you save 16% on domestic flight bookings and 40% on hotel bookings against eligible transactions made on any tuesday of the month. The cardholder also get Rs. 500 Amazon gift voucher on payment of annual fee. The card comes with dynamic APR of 23.88% if you maintain a good repayment track, otherwise an annual interest rate of 35.88% will be applicable.

RBL Bank Platinum Maxima Card

This credit card by rbl bank comes at annual cost of Rs. 2000 and you earn reward points worth Rs. 2000 in return as a welcome bonus. You earn reward value worth Rs. 0.50 against every Rs. 100 spent on the card, and Rs. 2.5 on every Rs. 100 spent on dining, entertainment, utility bill payments, fuel and international transactions. Moreover, you can also earn reward points worth upto Rs. 5,000 if you annual expenses reaches Rs. 3.5 Lacs.

Apart from these, you get movie benefits worth Rs. 200 each month, and 2 complimentary access to domestic Mastercard lounges.

Eligibility Criteria for Credit Card Balance Transfer

  • Cardholder should be at least 18 years old.
  • Cardholder should not be more than 65 years old.
  • Cardholder must have a good credit score along with good repayment history.

Fuel Credit Cards vs Travel Credit Cards

Fuel credit cards offers great value on fuel purchase which might include incremental reward value, cashback as well as fuel surcharge benefits and sometimes complimentary access to airport lounges. On the other hand, travel credit cards return great value on travel related expenses like flight bookings, hotel bookings, international transactions as well as purchasing travel packages from partner brands.

Fuel credit cards are usually a good choice for a family person who have one or more vehicle at the home and usually travels a lot within the city area limits for various purposes like traveling to work and back. Whereas a travel credit card is most suitable for a person who usually travels to various domestic and international locations for business or other purposes, since almost every travel credit card comes with a complimentary benefit of airport lounge access and various travel vouchers from partner brands.

In terms of reward redemption, reward points earned on a fuel credit card gives better value if redeemed at participating fuel outlet where the reward points earned on a travel credit card gives better value if redeemed for travel discount vouchers.