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Top Picks

Best For Card Name
Fuel No particular card for fuel.
Travel No particular card for travel.
Family HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card
Premium HSBC Premier Master Credit Card
Frequent Spenders HSBC Smart Value Credit Card

Best HSBC Bank Lifestyle Credit Card: HSBC Premier Mastercard


It is the only premium credit card HSBC Bank has to offer. The card comes free of cost and offers Rs. 2000 travel benefits from Cleartrip on joining. Apart from it, you get 3X reward value on all of your expenses against dining, hotel bookings and telecom for the first year, and 10X reward value on all of your international transactions.

Apart from the reward benefits on international transactions, you also get 1.5% cashback on your international transactions. You also get movie benefits equal to Rs. 6,000 from PVR Cinemas and Rs. 6,000 from, along with a 15% discount on dining.

Moreover, you get complimentary access to VIP airport lounges, free golf games along with various golf, travel, dining, shopping and entertainment offers around the world by HSBC Premier Banking Privileges.s


TThe 3X incremental reward benefit is limited for the first year only. Apart from it, you must be a HSBC Premier Banking customer to own a Premier Mastercard.

Bottom Line

The card offers great value in the first membership year, but the taste of benefits get a bit bitter from 2nd and consecutive membership years. The card comes free of cost with HSBC Premier Banking, the APR equal to 29.88% is something that you should consider before applying for this card.

Best HSBC Bank Credit Card for Family: HSBC Visa Platinum Card


The card offers comes free of cost and offers travel benefit worth Rs. 2,000 on joining. You earn 3X incremental reward points in the first year on dining, hotel and telecom related expenses. Moreover, you get up to 15% discount on dining along with annual fuel benefit of up to Rs. 3,000.


To own a HSBC VISA Platinum credit card, you must be earning a minimum annual income of Rs. 3 Lacs at least. Apart from it, you would be charged an APR equal to 39.60%.

Bottom Line

The offers pretty good value even from the 2nd and consecutive year against zero annual fee. Moreover, you can get 5X incremental reward benefits against all of your annual spend above Rs. 4 Lacs and an additional entertainment benefit of Rs. 500 if the monthly spend cross Rs. 50,000, which gives you a pretty decent annual benefit value. However, the high APR of 39.60% is should be considered before availing the card.

Best HSBC Bank Credit Card for Frequent Spender: HSBC Smart Value Card


The HSBC Smart Value Card comes with free of cost and give you Rs. 200 movie benefit and complimentary 3 months’ Gaana+ subscription worth Rs. 199 along with Cleartrip voucher worth Rs. 2,000 and Amazon voucher worth Rs. 250 on joining. You earn 3X incremental reward value on online shopping, dining and telecom related transactions.

Apart from that, you get upto 15% discount on dining, 10% discount on shopping at Shoppers Stop and Home Stop along with 16% discount on flight bookings and with 40% discount on domestic hotel bookings every tuesday and one free movie ticket each month.


If you are not a smart credit card user, then you have to bear high APR of 35.88%. Moreover, all of your cash advance transactions would attract 36.60% APR.

Bottom Line

The card offers total benefit of Rs. 2,649 on joining alone; though, this benefits reduces to upto 40% discount on various categories, from the 2nd and consecutive year. Moreover, if you are a smart credit card users who maintain a satisfactory repayment track with the HSBC Bank, then you can enjoy low APR of 23.88% only.

View Other HSBC Bank Credit Cards

HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Card

This card comes with zero annual charges and offers you Rs. 2,000 cleartrip voucher on joining. The reward value is pretty decent with 3X incremental reward benefit for the first 2 years of card membership. Moreover, you earn entertainment benefit of Rs. 3000 if your monthly spend exceeds above Rs.50,000 and 5X incremental reward value against all of your annual spend between Rs. 4 Lacs to Rs. 10 Lacs. Apart from it, you also earn up to 15% discount against dining expenses and a maximum of Rs. 3000 benefits around the year.

Though, it offers pretty good benefits and reward value, the Annual Percentage Rate of 39.60% seems too high if you are not good with maintaining a satisfactory repayment track with the bank. Moreover, this card is only offered to HSBC Advance banking customers.

HSBC Bank Credit Card Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria
Age Minimum 18 Years
For Primary Cardholder
Income Rs. 5 Lacs per quarter
For Advance VISA Platinum Card
Rs. 3 Lacs per annum
For VISA Platinum Card
Rs. 4 Lacs per quarter
For Premier Mastercard Card
  • Primary cardholder should be at least 18 years old.
  • To own HSBC Advance VISA Platinum credit card, you must have been maintaining relationship worth Rs. 5 Lacs quarterly with the HSBC Bank.
  • To own HSBC VISA Platinum credit card, you must be earning Rs. 3 Lacs annually.
  • To own HSBC Premier Mastercard, you must have been maintaining a banking relationship worth Rs. 4 Lacs quarterly with the HSBC Bank.

HSBC Bank Credit Card Documentation

  • Passport Size Photographs
  • Identity Proof: Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, PAN Card
  • Address Proof
  • Income Proof

HSBC Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

HSBC offers different payment methods to its credit cardholders to pay hsbc credit card bills including online and offline methods so that they can pay their credit card bills on time.

Pay HSBC Credit Card Bill through Net Banking

  • Login to HSBC Net Banking services and click on “Credit Card” tab.
  • Select the Credit Card you want to make the payment for and choose “Credit Card Payment”.
  • Enter payment amount and confirm.
  • Click on “Pay Now” button and receive acknowledgement on your screen.

Pay HSBC Credit Card Bill through Billdesk

  • Click here to go the HSBC Credit Card Billdesk page.
  • Select the credit card type – VISA, Mastercard or others.
  • Enter your credit card number and confirm it by re-entering it again.
  • Enter the bill amount and select your bank from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Submit” and you will be asked to login into your chosen bank’s netbanking services.
  • Now, confirm the payment and receive the acknowledgement on your screen.

Pay HSBC Credit Card Bill through NEFT

  • Login your other banks’ net banking service and go to fund transfer option.
  • Choose NEFT Fund Transfer and add your HSBC Credit Card as payee. To add your card as payee, use the following details.
    • Beneficiary Name - HSBC Credit Card
    • Bank Name - HSBC Bank
    • IFSC code - HSBC0400002
    • Your 16 digit HSBC credit card number - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • Now, go back to NEFT payment option and select your HSBC credit card from the payee list.
  • Enter the payment amount and confirm the payment.

Pay HSBC Credit Card Bill through Standing Instructions

  • Visit your HSBC Bank’s home branch along with the filled standing instructions form and necessary documents.
  • Submit the form to the bank representative at the counter.

Pay HSBC Credit Card Bill through Cash at the HSBC Branch

  • Visit your nearest HSBC Bank.
  • Fill a cash deposit slip. Enter your HSBC Credit Card number in the place of Account Number.
  • Sign the slip and mention your phone number at the back of the slip.
  • Submit the slip to the cash counter.

Pay HSBC Bank Credit Card Bill through Cheque/Draft

  • Write a cheque/draft in favour of your HSBC Credit Card.
  • Sign the cheque and mention your phone number at the back of the cheque/draft.
  • Drop the cheque/draft at the dropbox available at the nearest HSBC Branch or ATM.

Pay HSBC Credit Card Bill through HSBC Debit Card at HSBC ATMs

  • Visit your nearest HSBC Bank ATM and insert HSBC Debit Card.
  • Choose a preferred language.
  • Select “Bill Payment” option.
  • Enter your HSBC credit card details in the recipient.
  • Enter the amount and confirm the payment by entering your debit card pin.

HSBC Bank Credit Cards – Other Charges

Charge Amount
Add-on Card Fee NIL
Foreign transaction fee 3.50% of the transaction amount in Indian Rupee
Late Fee 50% of the Minimum Payment Due
Min Rs. 400 to Max Rs. 750
Minimum Payment 5% of the outstanding amount.
Min Rs. 100
Over-limit fee Rs. 500 per month
Returned payment fee Rs. 350 per instance.
Card Replacement Charges Rs. 100
EMI Conversion Charges 10.99% per annum
Applicable for Loan on Phone, Balance Transfer on EMI and Cash on EMI

How To Apply for HSBC Bank Credit Card?

  • Select HSBC Bank Credit Card as per your preferences from above.
  • Click on “Apply Now” and fill the Online Application Form. You'll be asked to provide some personal details such as your Address, Contact, Income, Employer Details, Educational Qualifications.
  • Once the application form is submitted successfully, you will receive a confirmation from HSBC Bank.

Note: If your application was rejected, you would be able to apply after 3 months of your previous application.


How do I contact HSBC Credit Card Customer Support?

You can contact HSBC Credit Card Customer care at their numbers 1860-108-7788 or 1860-500-2277 (Toll Applicable) if you are calling from within India. And, if you are calling from outside India, then please dial +91-22-6680-0001 or 080-49089632/040-67173402 to contact customer support.

How long will my reward points be valid once collected on my HSBC Card?

Reward points accumulated on your HSBC Credit Card will be valid for 3 years from the date of accumulation into your card account in case of all the Platinum Cards and upto 2 years in case of Smart Value Card.

Will I earn reward points on fuel transactions?

You won’t earn any reward points if the transaction comes in surcharge waiver criteria which is between Rs. 400 to Rs.4,000 at any petrol pump. All the fuel transactions where you don’t receive any waiver as per the criteria, will earn reward points.

Will I earn reward points on PoS or E-commerce transactions?

No. You won’t earn any reward points on transactions other than PoS/E-commerce such as Cash advances, any fees/charges and even the disputed transactions.

While applying for an HSBC credit card, what documents I need to provide?

  • You need to submit a self-attested recent passport size photograph.
  • You need to provide a self-attested copy of a valid photo identity.
  • You need to provide self-attested copy of your residence.
  • Self-attested copy of your latest salary slip or you can also provide income-tax returns or Form 16.

How long does it take to receive an HSBC credit card?

Once your duly filled application form is received by the bank along with all the necessary documents, it will take two weeks to process your application.

After your application gets approved, you will receive your credit card in a week. You will be kept notified of your application status via SMS on your registered mobile number.

What I need to do if I haven’t received my card statement?

Your credit card statement will be sent through courier to your mailing address and Airway Bill number will be shared via SMS. The bank will send you the statements on your email as well. If you have self-registered for the service of internet banking, then you can view and download your credit card statement online. If you have any queries, make sure you have called their Phone Banking service.

How can I register for e-statements?

Through HSBC NetBanking Website in case you don’t have an HSBC Bank Account.

  • First step will include logging on to your HSBC’s internet banking.
  • Second step will include setting up a one-time request. You can do this by clicking on the option of ‘Request e-statements/e- Advice’.
  • As per the third step, the bank will send you a secure mail and an SMS informing as when your statement will be ready.

Is it possible to use my HSBC credit card as soon as I receive it?

All chip cards, sent by HSBC, are in a deactivated state and you have to activate it. You will be informed about the same by a sticker on your card. You can activate your card in the following ways –

  • You can use your ATM PIN in order to activate your card on an HSBC ATM.
  • You can carry out a PIN-based transaction.
  • You can call HSBC phone banking.

How many additional cards can I request for on my credit card?

In addition to your primary card, you can apply for ‘three’ add-on cards. These add-on cards are issued to your immediate family members. The credit limit is allocated to the primary card and it gets shared between add-on & primary cardholders.

How can I apply for add-on card?

You need to fill up add-on card application form and you need to submit the duly filled form at your nearest HSBC branch along with the required documents. Make sure you have carried original documents for validation by the branch officer.

Do I have any rewards program associated with my credit card?

HSBC offers a wide range of credit cards as per the needs & requirements. So, the rewards programme may differ for each card. You can explore rewards catalogue to have a look at the rewards programme for different credit cards.

How can I redeem my rewards points?

You have the option of redeeming these points for a wide range of redemption choices such as – gift vouchers, garments, airline miles, home appliances, and cosmetics. Make sure you have visited the rewards programme section of the HSBC official website to know more about the redemption options.