Corporation Bank Corp Home Loan
Interest Rate
Processing Fee
Loan amount
50000000 Max
Avail loan for construction of house / flat, purchase of ready built house / flat / flat under construction, take over of housing loan from other banks / financial institutions, purchase of land / plot and construction of house thereon, or purchase and installation of rooftop Solar PVs.

Borrow up to maximum Rs. 5 Crores, subject to location of the property. Maximum Rs. 1 Crore can be availed for purchase of a land / plot.

If loan is availed for purchase of land / plot & construction of house thereon, cost of site/land shall not exceed 60% of project cost.

Enjoy flexible repayment period of up to 30 years including the moratorium period of maximum up to 18 months.
Repayment period should not exceed retirement age of a salaried borrower and 70 years of age for non-salaried borrowers. Repayment period will also depend upon the age of the property and its type.

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